About ECT Justice

Hello. Ectjustice.net has been created as ectjustice.com is now owned by the law firms involved in the current national product liability suit around the devices used in electroshock/ECT. We have created this site to assist with other lawsuits being pursued.

 To be able to assist with these matters, this separate website has been created. This site will mostly focus on the collection of patient information to facilitate moving forward around other potential lawsuits in the future. Because you have filled out this survey, it does not imply you are presently part of any lawsuit. We will assist you how we can given your information provided.

It is important to get testing, and a referal into a traumatic brain injury program. This is covered in the videos on this site. 

In addition to the videos found here, there are resources that can be found at site ectjustice.com. I encourage you, and those that support you, to watch those videos and to speak out on public social forums to the truth and harm of this practice. This will help with attorney interest in seeing these repeated posts of harm. It is important to post you were not adequately warned to the risks of repeated acquired TBI, and long term risks around electrical trauma in consent. 

Lawsuits are also being pursued in other countries, but for the time being, this present collection of information is open to US patients only. If you had ECT as a minor there are no time constraints. If you have new damages identified and tied to ECT in notes and you are out of time frame, these new damages found and noted may help open time frames. 

My gratitude,

Deborah Schwartzkopff

“and the ashes will be blown away from the tops of their heads. It is edict! It is writ!”

Here are some videos to assist you around electroshock/ECT. (***Also please fill out the survey below.***)

The information that you provide in this survey will be protected and is being gathered for the purpose of potential litigation. This is for additional types lawsuits outside of the present product liability suits involving ECT devices.